About Su

Su Eaton brings creativity with an open heart to all that she does. She is a
creative arts educator, children’s entertainer, peaceful playful parenting coach and certified elementary special education teacher. Su has directed and facilitated her own family daycare, afternoon creative arts programs and special celebration events for children, families and adults for more than 42 years. She treats each child as an individual with curiosity, love, joy, understanding, kindness, compassion, and playfulness.

She combines a lively spirit with a passionate and compassionate excitement for combining the many aspects of alternative philosophies into a generative environment for growth. Her life’s work is to help other human beings to live in their authentic, creative selves using the arts, and education.

As an improvisational dancer, musician, and theatre muse, Su works intuitively using many skills, props, and instruments. She offers an integrated and hands-on approach that adapts to what is needed in the moment. She is a child-centered educator who’s playful ‘child-self’ engages and meets the children where they are. Her shows are always participatory and fun-filled, inspiring the magical moments that inevitably develop with children. She not only knows how to have fun but also knows how to set boundaries in a positive loving way, helping to build self-esteem. She creates a friendly and safe space that is playful and exploratory, inviting creativity to unfold. Su is passionate about her work and finds that it as much fun for her as it is for the children.

Her programs promote anti-bias, cooperation, conflict resolution, inclusion, a multicultural and earth friendly consciousness, positive self esteem, laughter and fun! “I like to create environments for children and families of all ages with the intention of engaging their innate capabilities and helping those who have lost them find them again: curiosity, imagination, creativity, inner peace, humor, artistry, self motivation and intuition.”

Su has over 40 years of experience with magical beings ages newborn-75 years young. She ran her own family daycare and creative arts studio for 12 years, and has been performing publicly for the past 38 years. People often comment on her unique talents and ability to bring out the magic within  any situation.

As an educator, Su guides, explores, inspires and follows children, facilitate learning through creating a warm loving, emotionally safe environment where curiosity thrives.  She understands, honors, acknowledges and holds feelings and needs by just listening, welcomed touch and when child or children are ready, cooperatively brainstorm possible solution together. She loves sharing the many tools and personal experiences with children and then their care-givers such as compassionate communication, setting loving boundaries, negotiating everyone’s needs. She is a seasoned loving, patient, conscientious, energetic, creative caregiver.

Su’s natural passionate exuberance, joy and laughter is sometimes infectious. It gives permission to others to explore their authentic selves in this changing of paradigm about relationships and family. Knowing her shadow helps her to stay vulnerable, allowing others to possibly do the same. She has a never ending desire for transformation and play. Her playful intergenerational being is a huge gift. She brings transparency and vulnerability in her outward expression of neediness and venting. She is a solution oriented as well as being comfortable in the unknown, asking questions and feeling her feelings and speaking her truth