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Peaceable Village Creative Arts Open Hearts

8 weeks Jan 3-Feb 21, 2018

Wednesday mornings

10:30 11:30am

At rEvolution Studio

At the Arts and Industry Building 221 Pine St Florence
$80-$160 for 1 child with adult
$3 for each additional child

PLEASE RSVP by December with Su Eaton 617-623-3521 sunsupeace@gmail,com

Drop-ins $20 are available with rsvp 24 hr notice to prepare supplies.

Discount for those who commit to the 8 week session $80 for child with adult plus $5 for each additional child

non mobile babies free Also discounts for those who can help with set up and/or take down

Creative Arts Open Hearts is a literacy-based class that helps children learn reading readiness skills in a fun, whole body experience.

This is a class for both adult and child to interact as playmates. Su as a creative integrated arts educator will be integrating music, movement, stories, themes, art, games, and imagination. There will be familiar songs as well as new ones. Su changes the words to old songs and stories to integrate loving, peaceful, and cooperative language. Each week has a different theme to the class. Colors, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Trains (a continuation of shapes), Winter, Love and Friendship (on Valentine’s Day), and Diversity. Su will provide lyrics via email to participants to continue at home learning and playing.

Su brings creativity and an open heart to each class she leads. She engages each child as an individual with kindness, compassion, joy and playfulness. Her intention is to find ways through expressive creative arts to support children in their development and to help adults engage in fun connective ways.

Celebrating Your Loving Self thru art and play

Su Eaton of Peaceable Village helps people create their own celebration.
The intention is to engage your innate capabilities of curiosity, imagination, creativity, inner peace, humor, artistry, self-motivation, intuition and self-love
Discover and express your own magic in song, movement, art, cooperative games, stories and play! Dance to DJed songs that are chosen to uplift your spirits and celebrate love!

Su Eaton will DJ and lead the evening with invited participation in singing and suggested movement structures Songs are chosen to uplift your spirits and celebrate love! You are always welcome as you are just being and/or witnessing

Build-a-Class Or Party

Do you have a group of friends that you’d like to take a class with?

All Su need to know is who, what and when! With a minimum of 8 children, Peaceable Village will schedule a class of your choosing at a time that’s convenient for you at your home. These can be with caregiver and children or just children.

Choose any subject below or suggest something not already offered already offer.

Classes are filled with challenging, playful and imaginative activities.
The cost is $100 per child for 5 sessions, with each session being 2hrs long
Materials are included. Tea Parties and give-aways (something relevant to the theme they can take home which can replace the party bags) are another option to playshops and parties. For a onetime 2 hr party cost $250

Fee is negioable

Ages are flexible depending on your child’s abilities

    We will learn about real bugs and the importance of them. Then we’ll make imaginary bugs and make up names and information about them. We love bugs! Ages 3- 9
    We’ll imagine our own distinct creatures that can’t be found anywhere on earth, then create them with colored pencils and/or with recycled materials. Ages 5-6
    We’ll create silly creatures and goofy characters out of paper bags. Then we’ll have our characters share songs and improvisational conversations. Ages 4-8
    Playing with dress-ups, face paints and props Discovering our clown name and act to share with each other. Ages 4-9
    Inspired by Eric Carle story, we’ll make pictures of food and use scarves as wings, we will make it come alive! Then construct whimsical caterpillars and fabulous butterflies to take home. Ages 5-8
    Discover magical lands and create mythical plants and fairies with lots of materials. We’ll make fairy houses and other fantastic things. Ages 4-9
    We’ll use animal masks and explore these animals through theater games and exercises. Ages 5-9
    We’ll use materials found in the great outdoors to make art, including mud pies and leaf prints. Through stories and songs, we’ll learn how things grow and live. Ages 4-6 Spring and Summer only!
    Using magazines and other fun materials we will make boxes that express who we are .Ages 5-9
    We’ll explore the cultures of the world through the types of homes people live in. We’ll design and build models of our fantasy homes Ages 5-9
    We’ll use trees branches and leaves for our inspiration as we make mobiles, collage and colorful paintings. Ages 4-6 Spring and Summer only!
    We’ll explore the world of things that fly. We’ll create birds, bugs and insects using many materials. We’ll also do some movement activities to add to the fun. Ages 5-9
    We will use all kinds of materials to make magic wands, wizard hats and our own magic words. And learn and share magic tricks. Don’t miss the magical experience Ages 5-9
    We will read about fantastic fairylands with imaginary people, places and creatures. We’ll use our imaginations and lots of magical materials to make fairies, creatures and the place they live. Ages 5-9
    And so many more……

I am available for Parties and places that children and the young at heart gather.

PLAYSHOP: A Symphony for the Body Mind and Soul

An opportunity for those who want to be present and be seen and heard and share the gift of who you are. The intention is to connect deeply with source and each other.

We’d love you, your voice and your spirit to join us for a “journey” using our voices, bodies, mind and soul on DATE TIME PLACE TBA

Facilitated by Su Eaton

We will move and sing and speak from our personal or global places in our bodies.

Bring a favorite song, a chant, a sound, a round, an old song, a new song-whatever- and we’ll co-create healing love!!

10 people limit each time so please call Su 617-623-3521 to sign up and receive directions. Please keep in mind that we would like to BEGIN all of us together at TIME TBA $30-$15


Winter Vacation Camp is a great place for children who like to make things with their imagination and hands; who want to create fun friendships; who like healthy, yummy snacks who like to play games where everyone wins; who want to play outside as well as inside; who want to learn “giraffe language”; who like magical creative things; who like to laugh and have fun! There will always be a project option for the day and many materials with which to play; magical being to play with and plenty of books to read. Peaceable Village is full of possibility that we can decide together. Come for a day or for the whole week (even Saturday and Sunday.)

Peaceable Village Creative Arts Summer Camp
Each week will have different themes as well as free play outdoors, cooperative games, crafts, improvisation theatre and movement and performances. Su provides a nurturing environment in which individuals are given the freedom to express themselves while receiving the necessary tools for creative growth.

Imaginary Circus date and time tba For Families (up to 2 children) children ages 3-8 $ ?? a week includes supplies Theme: Imaginary Circus: We will create our very own circus, using stories as an inspiration. The week will encompass learning and creating a variety of circus performing skills such as acrobats, clowns, magic, juggling, trapeze, tight rope, human cannon ball, animals and trainers (imaginary, of course!) Using props, costumes ,masks ,face paints and music. This circus program is purely an exercise for the imagination. Performance to share July 10 and video made to take home

Faeries date and time tba for ages 4-8 $?? a week includes supplies
Theme: Faeries We will read books, tell stories, create dances, create what we think fairies might need, such as crowns, wands, a magical tea party, dress up, to act out a story, a fairy name, bless the flowers, bugs and earth. Performance to share and video made to take home

Rafiki date and time tba for ages 8-12 $?? a week includes supplies Theme: Rafiki Rafiki means friend in Swahili. Rafiki by Nola Langner – a story about a little girl who wants to build her own home but the animals tell her that little girls don’t build houses they clean them and She tricks them into cleaning so she can build her house. The animal are Stork, Ostrich, Warthog, Crocodile, Rhino and Lion .Although you can add different animals from Africa and there can be more than one of each animal. We could discuss gender roles. We can make masks, movement(dance) for each animal therefore making it a dance story. I bring instruments from Africa : Conch shell, thumb piano, large and small Jembe, balaphone(like a xylophone made with wood and gourds), calabash. The instrument will be used for the sound for each animal (like Peter and the Wolf.) Performance to share July 31 and video made to take home

Ambassadors of Peace date and time tba ages 8-12 $?? a week includes supplies Theme: Ambassadors of Peace A theater production with cooperative games and relationship building skills. Using a story based on a troupe of travelling players who go town to town using a conflict that a person or persons have in the town in the skit that they present to the villagers of the town that helps to resolve the problem. Performance to share August 21 and video made to take home M-F August 24-28 Ages 4-8 $300* a week includes supplies Theme: Imaginary Circus We will create our very own circus, using stories as an inspiration. The week will encompass learning and creating a variety of circus performing skills such as acrobats, clowns, magic, juggling, trapeze, tight rope, human cannon ball, animals and trainers (imaginary, of course!) Using props, costumes ,masks ,face paints and music. This circus program is purely an exercise for the imagination Performance to share August 28 and video made to take home
*25% discount on tuition with early registration May 1 Organic snacks provided Send Lunch

Place : TBA either Florence or Leeds

The Crafts I have supplies for are: Weaving, Rubber stamp art and Stamping on Clothes, Sculptures with different mediums, Doll making, Puppets, Collage, Jewelry, Masks, Making paper/cards/books, Macramé, Wings, Pins, Stickers, Mobiles, Instrument playing/drumming and making, Parachute play, Spin art, Pressed Flowers, Block Printing, Life Size Cloth Dancing Buddies ,Creating Magical Beings. And other skills to share and explore: Sign Language, Giraffe Language aka Compassionate Communication, Nature games and crafts, Joke making, Singing, Storytelling, Creative movement structures. The children will be included in the process of deciding what we will do.
It is not just what we do that I offer, it is how I work/play with children in a positive loving respectful way while still setting boundaries. For more specifics feel free to email or call to speak with me or references. There are work study positions open for partial exchange with child enrollment.

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Ambassadors of Peace Club includes an integrated learning approach using creative arts , arts and crafts, language arts, nutrition and cooking, community service, compassionate communication skills, think tanks, learning about other peace activists and change bringers, and cooperative games.

See Calendar for updates date,time and place or call to create