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Peaceful, Playful Strategies for Caregivers
An Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop aims to guide you in understanding and responding creatively to often-overlooked or misinterpreted communication cues in order that both adults and children may shed “big feelings” due to thoughts of powerlessness and isolation to embrace stronger, more joyful connections. These strategies are a powerful paradigm shift in raising ourselves and our children

Participants will gain access to:

  • Peaceful, playful parenting strategies to address non-cooperative, aggressive, anxious behavior, a young child’s needs for positive attention and love, and caregiver’s and children’s mutual need for loving connection
  •  Strategies from Hand in Hand Parenting ™ (RC), Non-Violent Communication ™ (NVC), and 37 years of creative arts experience working/playing with parents and children.
  • Tools for practicing self-compassion and self-empathy, basic necessities for maintaining a compassionate, empathic presence with their children and partners.

If you would like to host this hour introductory workshop at your location and advertise it to your clientele/community, or for more information, please contact Su Eaton, (617) 623-3521.

Sliding Scale

  • $60-$30 an hr for private consult ADDED BONUS: Su loans children’s books to help with issues that come up and resources books, articles and Cd’s for Adults
  • $90 for 1st session 2 hours
  • $240 for 8 week sessions 1 hr each week
  • $480 for 8 week sessions 2 hr each week one with child and parent and one with parent ADDED BONUS: Su loans children’s books to help with issues that come up and resources books, articles and Cd’s for Adults

Here’s what a few people have to say:

Su (Eaton) has truly gifted our family with her Parenting Coaching. Her generous listening, thoughtful questions and insights, and playful, transformational suggestions have helped us turn around some challenging aspects of our parenting of our two young children. And, this has infused our family life with more of the joy, creativity, and emotional health that we all thrive in.

~ S.B., Haydenville, MA

Su Eaton’s guidance and teaching on parenting has helped me find confidence as a parent. She teaches me tools and ideas about playful parenting that gave me so much leverage around my daughters big feelings. I saw places in myself where I was shutting down and getting rigid and Su, in a joyful and masterful way, showed me how to unfreeze and think clearly in moments of stress. I recommend Su’s workshops and one on one work to all the parents I know. I trust her completely.

-R.L. Florence MA