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Su Eaton offers Peaceful Playful Parenting Coaching in person, phone or Skype along with actual hands on modeling specifically for your child. Also available for Intros workshops  to this work or group Class/Support groups described below

Parenting can be wonderful, but it can also be one of the hardest thing you will ever do. Self compassion is a huge part. Let me help you create a more sustainable way of parenting using many different strategies such as Compassionate Communication and Hand in Hand Parenting. Healthy, peaceful playful loving ways to set limits.
It takes a village….

 “Learn 5 Listening tools to help release feelings that keep your child from feeling close, helps them feel safe to promote and help your child cooperate, think well and flexible more of the time
These tools have revolutionary transformative effects.” Patty Wipler Hand in Hand Parenting

Coaching Fee

Free 1/2 consult

Sliding Scale depending on your income. Some barter is possible.

$60- $90 an hr Private consult with you or you and another care giver for your child on the phone, Skype or in person (with in 20 min from 01062 Mass additional driving costs) Also session done in your home with your children. I watch you do some of the strategies and give you feedback and/or I model some ways for you to observe

$100 for 1st session 2 hours This can be in broken up into two different times.

$480-$720 for 8 week sessions 1 hr each week with a discount of 20%

$960-$1440 for 8 week sessions 2 hr each week one with child and parent and one with parent with discount of 30%

ADDED BONUS: Su loans children’s books to help with issues that come up and resources books, articles and Cd’s for adults and children


Peaceful Playful Strategies for Caregivers a Two Hour Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop aims to guide you in understanding and responding creatively to often-overlooked or misinterpreted communication cues in order that both adults and children may shed “big feelings” due to thoughts of powerlessness and isolation to embrace stronger, more joyful connections. These strategies are a powerful paradigm shift in raising ourselves and our children. 

Participants will gain an introduction to peaceful, playful parenting strategies to address non-cooperative, aggressive, anxious behavior, a young child’s needs for positive attention and love, and caregiver’s and children’s mutual need for loving connection using tools adapted from Hand in Hand Parenting and my 40 years working /playing with people of all ages including myself.


Life Boat: Peaceful Playful Strategies for Parents & Anyone who Loves a Child

In this class we will practice curiosity with compassion in seeking the underlying needs of their children and ourselves with the strategies of Non-Violent Communication™ (NVC) for learning self-empathy, basic necessities for maintaining a compassionate, empathic presence with our children, ourselves and other adults in our lives.

TWO Class / Support Groups

ONE focuses on Hand in Hand Parenting (TM) which is based in Re-Evaluation Co- Counseling which is more geared towards younger children, with some Compassionate Communication strategies

(Can be done weekly two hrs for 6 weeks or a day long 10-3)

TWO Respectful Parents Respectful Kids (TM) based on Compassionate Communication aka Non- Violent Communication (TM) which is more geared towards older children with some tools and understanding of Hand in Hand Parenting(Can be done as a two hr intro and then 10 week 2 hr class/support group)

We will be using the book Respectful Parents Respectful Kids 7 Keys to turn Family Conflict into Co-operation by Sura Hart and Vicktoria Kindle Hodson for this 10 week 2 hr class/support group. Must buy book and be able to time manage homework. For more info either buy the book or call Su 617-623-3521

Quote from dedication to this book: This book is dedicated to children—-here to show us how to live with honesty, curiosity, vulnerability, courage,authenticity and exuberence.

How do we meet our children’s needs while also enjoying a life as our best selves? Your relationship with your child is what builds your child’s intelligence, self-esteem and confidence. Research shows that when parents are listened to with respect, their ability to do this challenging job grows.

This class intends to help parents identify and value their needs as well as their children’s. Basic parenting skills, such as how to set limits while staying close to our children and how to understand our children’s behaviors, are not easily available. I give concrete information to help drawing from Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling and Non-Violent Communication, as well as other strategies from my toolbox.

Children are loving, passionate, eager experimenters. All children (like adults) experience times when they are unreasonable, cannot listen or respond to others. They begin doing things that trigger us and we respond with frustration and anger. At times like this we are challenged. We want to treat children well and help them, but every effort we make to help seems to make things worse. And our energy is depleted even more.

Sometimes, when our children’s behaviors repeatedly interfere with their ability to learn or cooperate, they can receive labels such as “learning disabled” or “hyperactive.” While some people feel these labels are useful, they can distract our attention from resolving the underlying hurt, which is driving a child to seek help by behaving uncooperatively. I have noticed in both parents’ and non-parents’ experience of children they tend to either power over the children or let the children power over them leaving them frustrated and wanting to avoid them.

Children are wonderful teachers reminding us how to be in the moment and be in love with all the humanness that we are, but if we are over-wrought we cannot appreciate the gifts they bring.

I want to seed many communities of support using shared, safe, compassionate techniques. I believe that raising children is the most important job in any society. Parents need support for this challenging work.

Parents needs do matter and they require more attention and resources than most communities presently offer. We dream of having a place in every community where families can go on a regular basis to recharge their batteries, learn and create community. While children are busy in one room with adults who can listen with great empathy and respect and talk to them in a loving attentive way, and help them with strategies for conflicts. In another room parents could receive empathy, coaching and the companion ship of other parents. They could do yoga, Tai chi, group singing, cooking classes or get massage. Parents and other community members could gather more often to address critical social and economic needs in their community. We like to imagine a world that includes lots of support like this for parents and families.

– From Respectful Parents Respectful Kids by Sura Hart

Here’s what a few people have to say:

Su (Eaton) has truly gifted our family with her Parenting Coaching. Her generous listening, thoughtful questions and insights, and playful, transformational suggestions have helped us turn around some challenging aspects of our parenting of our two young children. And, this has infused our family life with more of the joy, creativity, and emotional health that we all thrive in.

~ S.B., Haydenville, MA

Su Eaton’s guidance and teaching on parenting has helped me find confidence as a parent. She teaches me tools and ideas about playful parenting that gave me so much leverage around my daughters big feelings. I saw places in myself where I was shutting down and getting rigid and Su, in a joyful and masterful way, showed me how to unfreeze and think clearly in moments of stress. I recommend Su’s workshops and one on one work to all the parents I know. I trust her completely.

-R.L. Florence MA