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*Due to COVID in person work is suspended till further notice

Su Eaton offers Peaceful Playful Parenting Coaching over the phone or through Zoom. Intro workshops are also available through Zoom.*

Parent Coaching Sessions

Parenting can be wonderful, but it can also be one of the hardest things you will ever do. Self compassion is a huge part of what I teach because at the end of the day, we are all doing our very best. 

Let me help you learn a more sustainable way of parenting. Using many different strategies such as compassionate communication and parenting by connection, you will learn ways to set healthy boundaries in peaceful, playful and loving ways. I work with you to help you understand these different concepts, while also sharing ideas and knowledge from my 40 years of experience working with children and families. 

During these coaching sessions, we will go over what challenges you are facing at home, how to understand and identify your child’s feelings and needs, as well as your own, and so much more! Learn the tools to not only identify triggers, but also work towards creating positive alternatives. Feel empowered to celebrate yourselves as parents for all the hard work you do, and all the wins you have accomplished by celebrating with other parents who are also working towards creating a more peaceful home. Feel comfortable enough to ask vulnerable questions knowing I am here to provide support in the form of non-judgmental listening, and helpful alternative strategies. 

Sessions run from 1-2hrs on a weekly basis, and appointments are made around yours and my availability. If you are interested in learning more information about my Parenting Coaching Sessions, I offer free 1/2hr consults for first time customers. More information below.

Free ½ hr consult: 

  • Su gets to know the family’s needs and challenges
  • Overview of strategies Su uses
  • Time and availability

Parent Coaching Fee: Sliding Scale Pricing

*Special Offer : $100 for 1st session 2 hours. (This can be broken up into two 1hr sessions, or four half hour sessions) As seen on Facebook 

  • $35-$50 per half hour session
  • $60 – $90 an hr Private consult with you or you and another caregiver on the phone.
  • $216 – $324 Four week sessions for 1hr each week. That’s a 10% off savings!
  • $384 – $576 Eight week sessions 1 hr each week. That’s a 20% savings!
  • $672 – $1,008  Eight week sessions 2 hr each week  That’s a  30% savings!

Please note: First sessions are required to be an hour long. After that, you may break up your sessions in 15min intervals. For example, if you purchase an hour session, you may break that up into two half hour sessions, or four 15min sessions.

New Offering: Individualized Online Playdate For Child and Parent

 In these sessions, I provide activities that focus on supporting children’s emotional growth, build up their self esteem, and encourage laughter through games, movement, stories and song.

Through parent and child conversations, I get to know the individual interests of your child and allow them to lead the activities I provide based on those interests. This allows children to access the same information in a way that excites them most, and gives them the power of voice and choice. 

During these sessions, you will be encouraged to join along as I model compassionate communication and play listening strategies we use in our online playground. I honor and support children at all levels and provide a safe space for learning, making mistakes, and growing in our online playground, and any strategies learned can be adapted to everyday adventures at home!

My goal is to provide your child with an alternative way of learning that promotes imagination, creativity, and fun! Here’s what a mom had to say about my services from working with her daughter, “when I see you with her, my heart really expands. I see how you help her learn and grow and connect and trust herself. It’s not so much what you do although you do so many great things, it’s who you are and how you see her.” (R.L.)

Free ½ hr consult: 

  • Su gets to know the family’s needs and challenges
  • Overview of strategies Su uses
  • Time and availability

Child and Parent Session Fees

  • 1hr session with 30min follow up is $30, without is $20

Peaceful Playful Strategies for Caregivers a Two Hour Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop aims to guide you in understanding and responding creatively to often-overlooked or misinterpreted communication cues in order that both adults and children may shed “big feelings” due to thoughts of powerlessness and isolation to embrace stronger, more joyful connections. These strategies are a powerful paradigm shift in raising ourselves and our children. 

Participants will gain an introduction to peaceful, playful parenting strategies to address non-cooperative, aggressive, anxious behavior, a young child’s needs for positive attention and love, and caregiver’s and children’s mutual need for loving connection using tools adapted from Hand in Hand Parenting and my 40 years working /playing with people of all ages including myself.

Pricing: Sliding Scale 

$40 – 60 for one 2hr online Zoom session