Homeschool or After School Activity Time

Creativity Time with Su is a time when we say YES! We don’t have a road map so much sometimes a structure that we can veer off of and go back to. Su offers materials, ideas, shared curiosity and support

We can use written word, spoken word, song, sound, art materials, recycled materials. Sometimes we do choose a craft but we are in a flow not so product oriented. Some times we come up an original invention out of the invitation to explore with the materials at hand. Sometimes one idea leads to another creating glee and excitement.

The environment also offers an extensive library of books games, puzzles, toys and math,magic, reading, science manipulates for exploring.


Crafting Time

Drop-off sessions for people ages 7-16 ( depending on fine motor skills). Can accommodate 1 to 3 students. Parents and child sessions too

Dolls, Jewlery, Recycled Art, Upcycled Clothing, Masks, Fimo Dough, Garlands, Quilting,Medicine Bags, Dream Catchers, Vision Boards, Candle holders, Bees Wax, Rubber Stamping,Sewing hand and machine, Upcycled Clothing and Jewlery, Printing, Tiny Hats,BB Hats and Weaving are possible activities we can explore.

Language Arts

Drop-off sessions for people ages 9-16 (those who can write and read). Can accommodate 1 to 3 students. Parents welcome to join, if desired.

Mad Libs, Poetry, Rebus, Book Making, Drawing,Singing, Story Telling and Writing, Joke Making, Alphabet Books, Secret Codes.

Creative Art Open Hearts

Drop-off or parents welcome for ages 6-8.

Creative Arts Open Hearts is a literacy-based class that helps children learn reading readiness skills in a fun, whole body experience.

Creative Integrated Arts focusing on Reading Readiness Skills

For ages 2-5 with  an adult care-giver.

Creative Arts Open Hearts is a literacy-based class that helps children learn reading readiness skills in a fun, whole body experience. Every day we will follow a similar structure always beginning with drums and an African welcome song to greet each other while adding something new each time.  We will be exploring together different materials such as cloth, glue, boxes, hula hoops, scarves, ribbons, balls, cars and animals and other lovely surprises, with our whole bodies or just our hands. This is a class for both adult and child to play together to create both improvisational images and movements and a chance to interact as a playmate. As an integrated creative arts educator and improvisational artist, with 40 years of experience, Su will be integrating music, movement, stories, themes, art, games and improvisation. We will sing familiar songs and learn some new ones. Su likes to change the words to old songs to integrate loving, peaceful, cooperative, inclusive ways of being. There will be a consistent closing song/ dance and a list of stories, songs, or finger plays that are pertinent to the theme we are addressing each time to take home to follow up with, if interested. Using fun, laughter, songs, stories, movement, games, crafts and exploring materials, we will learn about each other; body parts; colors; shapes; letters; and numbers; animals; trains; bugs; seasons; and magical beings.