Peaceable Village Play Dance


Peaceable Village Play Dance is on hold for now

If you are interested in sponsoring this

contact me at

 An Intergenerational Event for all ages

  Every Third Saturday of the month     10am-12pm

 At 221 Pine St Florence, Ma  second floor in Sun Studio #245

 Special Winter themed Play Dance Dec 16th 2017

Come Sing, Play and Move with the Snowflake Fairy   

The Snowflake Fairy offers a Moovin’ and Groovin’ Winter Theme

Su Eaton AKA the Snowflake Fairy presents Moovin’ and Groovin’ an interactive concert with a theme of winter.. Children learn reading readiness concepts such as numbers, rhythm, body parts, rhyme, picture identification, following directions, action words; along with self control, science facts about winter, Hibernation and the cycle of water by acting them out which helps children who are kinesthetic learners embody these concepts. 


An event for all ages

Be an Ally and give parents a morning off while you have fun with their child(ren) OR just bring your child self out to play.

Facilitated by Su Eaton

Su creates an environment for play with music, fantastical dress-ups, props, face paints, community mural, books, softies to curl up with, sing songs and Moove and Groove, structured and unstructured time. I am holding space for those who want to create a cooperative, peaceful, playful, earth kind, power-with, compassionate, intergenerational space for all with a focus on young children and the inner child that likes to play in a healthy way*

$5 – $10 per person non- mobile babies free

**People under 12 need an attentive playmate 18 years or older present or nearby, to insure that the play stays safe and inclusive.

Looking for others to help set up and or take down in exchange for admission

An opportunity to be present in non-competitive play that evolves and connect with other human beings

Holding space where:

Each person is respected.

  • Each person has a way to succeed.

  • Each person’s contributions are acknowledged.

  • Each person knows they are safe from criticism and belittlement.

  • Each person can say what they think and want. Their ideas may not be workable, and limits may need to be set, but the thoughts are welcome as a worthy contribution.

  • No person is coerced into a powerless or subservient role in the guise of play.

  • To promote laughter, people 18 and over are encouraged to play the less powerful role, leaving the role of “the swift, the strong, the smart and the informed” to the people under 12. Laughter alleviates stress and promotes connection.

  • People who are acting in “off track” behavior are to be approached in a loving and patient way with the help of others. Those who are acting aggressive it is our understanding that this may come from fear and we can offer to help and intervene if it includes harm to others or objects.

  • Feel free to discuss these agreements with me. In a paradigm shift it can be confusing and evolving. I enjoy hearing what others think. Touch as consensual is a confusing boundary that I believe is important to work on.


Learn from your Child’s Gift of Liveliness “In some ways your children are as much guides for your life as you are for theirs. It is my belief that kids come into parent’s lives to be a source of inspiration and a reminder of how lively and engaging life can be. For children the world is a giant laboratory, and they are very serious explorers of it. Watch, experiment with them and learn from them because they can help you remember how to be deeply in love with life.” “Children play and explore, laugh and wonder right out loud. They provide a constant invitation for us to join them. Accept their invitation and cross the line into their world. Take as much spirit and willingness with you as you want them to bring to your world. Let them be your eyes and ears. Imagine how it must feel to walk through sand for the first time, to balance on two wheels and zoom through space, to pluck petals from a daisy and sense the flower tugging back, to hear an airplane or the wind or a crow caw for the first time. Their awe can be yours. They are willing and waiting to share it with you.” From the book Respectful Parents Respectful Kids 7 keys to turn Family Conflict Into Cooperation by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson