Peaceable Village Resource Center



The Resource Center offers a loaning library of books, props, games, puzzles, manipulative and ideas.

Peaceable Village Library Book Categories

Reading,Writing and Storytelling with games and ideas,Easy Readers, Jokes, Sign language, Art -artists, projects, Homes, Theatre, Cooperative Games, Math, Science, Bodies inside and out, Nature, Trees, Sun, Alphabet,Machines Cars and Trucks,  Bugs, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Animals, Music, Song, Movement, Board, Friendship, Love, Empowered Girls and Women, Magical Creatures, Princesses, Princes, Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Relatives, Families, Spirituality, Peace, War, Issues like divorce, bullies, truth, homelessness, family rituals, being different , etc, Holidays-Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza,, Fairy Tales from Around the World, large selection of African,First Nation,Asian, Inuit

Many resource books on parenting and activities

As a Creative Integrated Arts Educator and Education Consultant I offer many creative fun holistic ideas,songs, games,

The way it works presently:

Each Family pays $60-$100 (depends on size of family and materials taken out) for a month and a half.  I am open to  some barter.

As it is getting started each family must take photos, write description and count pieces to create inventory.

You can get up to 10 books and 5 other items. (this is negotiable)

A list of somethings we have: Montesouri manipulates,books on cassette tape with read along books, geo boards, sewing cards, rubber stamps, marble run, magnets, compasses,  looms, cooperative board games, mini microscopes, wooden blocks, cloth dolls and clothes, film strip projector,  fine motor skill manipulatives, puzzles, upcycled art supplies,  regular art supplies, clocks for learning to tell time,  and so much more ( I will add things along the way )