Extraordinary Childcare

Childcare in my studio in Florence MA Ages 3- up to 3 children.

Unstructured cooperative play,creative art projects (mostly child led, not so much cookie cutter art),puzzles, play outside,fine motor and imaginative play, read books, learn about sharing space, attention and toys, play cooperative games, sing along with CD’s, make up songs, write stories, hang out in the large stuffed animal couch, wrestle, honor and love the earth, play in the dirt and water, laugh and cry, have big feelings, and go on adventures.

$15-$20 an hour


What I offer your child as a unschool/homeschool advocate: Extraordinary Childcare.

Using my 40 years of experience as a child educator, and my training in Hand and Hand Parenting and Compassionate Communication strategies, I provide an alternative childcare approach which is joyful and playful and treats each child with respect and compassion. My intention is to provide emotional support, maintain healthy self-esteem, and teach helpful social skills that encourage inclusion and understanding while honoring differences.

Some of the foundational premises guiding our days will include curiosity, acceptance, self-expression, empowerment, cooperation, guidance, love, patience, and creativity.

Our whole-child learning will helped along by introducing manipulates and props for fine and gross motor development, books* & loaning library, reading & reading readiness activities, treasures from hunting and gathering excursions, cooperative games, balancing who leads and follows, saying yes and saying no without bribe, shame or punishment, acting as secretary for their dictated stories, exploring and honoring nature, keeping all safe emotionally and physically, enthusiasm, conscious attention, lots of laughter, play listening** and staylistening**, vigorous snuggle**, keeping well-rested and hydrated, always learning new ways of resolving conflicts and behavior challenges including my own, free play.

Examples of how this kind of childcare extends well beyond the unschool hours include my dedicated support of the evolving relationship between parents and children and creation of opportunities for parents to develop new ideas/strategies to be connected to self and others, thought and discussion of the children and their needs apart from formal hours, and, generally, collaboration with other caregivers about our day both emotionally and intellectually.

I operate on the knowledge and understanding that old habits take practice and compassion in learning a new way.

* Values shared in conversation around books can include anti-bias, cooperation, conflict resolution, a multicultural and earth friendly consciousness, positive self-esteem, laughter and fun and the inner knowing that we all have.

** These are Hand In Hand parenting strategies.