Interactive Concerts for Libraries ,Schools, Fundraisers and Private Events

Moovin’ and Groovin Interactive Concert

Su’s concert engages even the youngest children with songs, stories, and an irresistible enthusiasm that gets them Moovin’ and Groovin’! Su uses a guitar and a hand drum and begins with a simple song that helps children warm-up their bodies and voices. She continues leading them through familiar songs and also teaches some new ones, sometimes changing the words to integrate loving, peaceful, cooperative, inclusive ways of being and to learn about other cultures. Developing a love for reading and engaging their innate love of learning through songs, games and books, she introduces the reading readiness concepts of letters, numbers, colors, shapes and body parts in a whole body way that is fun. I come dressed as a fairy for all seasons or theme that I am working/playing with or just plain colorful.

All programs incorporate learning styles such as kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. As a creative integrated arts educator, Su shows children, parents and teachers different ways to integrate the arts into learning and reading, while having fun. This program is approriate for 1-8 yr olds but I need to know what ages to expect. Adaptable to number of children and ages

The Moovin’ and Groovin’ Concert is integrated into a theme that is requested.

M y themes I have developed over the years and still coming up with new ones are:

Fall Fairy, Non-scarey Halloween, I come as the Spirit of Halloween, Snowflake Fairy, Valentine Love Fairy, Spring Fairy, Mother Earth for Honoring Earth Day.

Descriptions and photos below:

The Spirit of Halloween, a theme of (non-scary) Halloween. Through stories, songs, props and creative movement, this program will help children understand that monsters, spider, bones and ghosts can be friendly and “normal.”  If requested crafts or a craft are possible. The crafts  may include make dancing spiders, spider hats, sewing pumpkins, flying bats, and friendly ghosts depending on time and material budget and age of children and whether or not they have help.

Mother Nature presents an Earth Conscious theme. Lovin’ Mother Earth through books, stories, songs, and movement. Children will hear and see books; learn songs and act out stories that educate and inspire them to care for Mother Earth and realize our connection to her. We will be singing songs in three different languages.

T he Valentine Fairy presents a theme of Love and friendship. Children learn reading readiness concepts such as numbers, colors, letters, and body parts; along with creative movement, multi-cultural songs, and songs of love of self, other and the earth.