What people have to say:

“Lots of people are good with kids, but Su is brilliant. She creates spirited, joyful events where people express their creativity and sense of playfulness. She helps them expand the range of the possible.”

“Thank you so much for such fabulous party entertainment. You are such a creative and fun person! Thank you for sharing your spirit with Ellie and her friends. We all loved you! I thought the mermaid costumes were unbelievable – truly unique!”

“Su brings joyful exuberance to her work with children. The immediacy of her presence has a foundation of loving warmth and lively curiosity.”

“I asked Anna last Thursday evening what she especially liked about your music class. She said, ‘I like the feelings – that she’s very happy and joyful with the children!”

“Su’s presentations are always lively and spirited. She draws the children into singing with music of various genres. She keeps the children actively engaged. Su has a natural ease working with children.”

“Kids take to Su like ducks to water. She seems to have a child’s sense of magic and wonder still alive inside her.”

“Su’s skills in creative arts, music and dance enrich her programs with a lively and festive air. Her many years of experience as an entertainer show through in the depth and professionalism of her work.”

“I am writing to encourage you to take a closer look at Su Eaton as a teacher and creative artist who truly knows how to engage children of all ages and their parents. My children and I have been graced to experience Su’s mastery in a variety of settings, such as Harvard’s May Fair and the Wake Up the Earth Festival, with the greatest focus being her Arts and Movement classes that she offered at the Somerville Family Network.

Su has this incredible ability to engage everyone from babies to middle school students to adults in the same room in what it means to truly learn while you are having fun. Even when parents would have a challenging time getting their children to focus, Su would creatively draw children of all backgrounds and abilities into the activity at hand by finding a unique connection with each child in the given moment. She would use humor, visuals, or various props to engage her students in the matter at hand. Whatever the technique, all of her students knew that Su held high expectations for their participation and wanted each of them to contribute their special part to the learning experience and community we were forming together. They could often sense this the moment they arrived to class, so in a way, she had most of them at “hello”! Plus, Su participated with such energy, enthusiasm and spirit that no one could really fathom not doing the same.

When I think of Su’s teaching style, the words adventure and exploration most come to mind. One day she came up with this amazing idea for the kids to experiment with water and dirt to make mud. She brought in a large kiddy pool and bags of dirt, and she had the students dive into the messy process of learning. By the end of class, students had also decorated planters and planted seeds so they could understand the importance of soil, water, and sun in growing. Every class was an adventure. Su would build from one week to the next based on the interest of the students and her own creative stream of consciousness. Sometimes during class, we would all witness the synapses of her brain connecting as she would express out loud, “Oh that’s a great idea. Let’s do that next week. You know what, I’ll write a song about it for us to sing.” And the next class, Su would come in with new bags of props, materials, songs, and music to stretch the students’ imaginations and creativity even more.

Su is so versatile as an artist and teacher that she is able to use many forms of learning at one time to provide her students with multiple entry points. She would use a range of tools from drums and books to physical movement and dramatic play to every material under the sun that you could imagine to make what seemed like nothing into something. Su shows up to class in her magical mystery van which in the kids’ minds equates with Willy Wonka’s Wonderland. She has everything imaginable for an afternoon or lifetime of learning and stimulation. After class, the students would love to help her carry her bags of materials back to her van just to catch a glimpse of the magical world that awaited inside. Though in Su’s mind, I’m sure she feels the magic lies not in her van but in the minds and hearts of the kids themselves.

As a teacher myself, I highly recommend Su to any organization that cares about children and wants to foster their ability to explore who they truly are and stretch the limits of what is possible with their imagination and learning.”